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DevOps – A Business Problem

October 31, 2011

Working Definition – CAMS (Culture, Automation, Measure, Sharing)

Some tasks to judge a candidate’s profile:
1) Install WordPress and Configure it to work properly. The point here is to see if you can configure a LAMP environment or not. I think this should be fairly easy. I remember doing it once long back without facing much problems.
2) Write log parsing scripts in Ruby.

In the olden days, development and operations teams were two separate entities with no communication with each other whatsoever. With the Agile Programming becoming more and more prevalent these days, people have started to realize the importance of interpersonal skills and proper communication with different teams so that the end product which might be an application or a software is a high quality product delivered on time with the help of everybody and not just the development or the operations team. So, the DevOps jargon is basically something which helps to link these two teams together in today’s growing world.

I know a very similar problem where there are different teams but not in sync with each other at all. There is a R&D team which develops AMIs for the AWS platform. And, then there is the Cloud Services team who are supposed to deploy these AMIs for customers and configure and install applications if needed. But, everything is in a mess.

For instance, if somebody is being given a task of installing an application for one of the customers, they need to get in touch with the R&D team and figure out which AMI is out there for that particular application. Next, they need to figure out if there are any steps that need to be followed in order to do an error free install. All this because there is no documentation. Moving on, the R&D team continues to develop new AMIs and/or upgrading the older ones and the Cloud Services team have no knowledge about them whatsoever. I feel this is just a waste of time for everybody. Either the R&D team should then be held responsible for deploying the AMIs totally or the Cloud Services team should be included in the loop as well. I feel these Agile and lean principles are absolutely important and necessary in today’s world if an organization needs to expand continuously.

Following from my previous post on NoSQL, DevOps and Cloud and NoSQL go hand in hand. As we know that NoSQL can scale horizontally, this can be very important for DevOps because we want self healing auto scalable systems which can be deployed on the fly based upon the needs. This can be really complicated and difficult with traditional RDBMS therefore NoSQL languages are becoming very common on the cloud these days.

Another good point made in the below source is the advantage of cloud computing with location transparency. This makes scaling up and down a lot easier with a lot of available geographic zone options.



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